Fees & Charges

We earn income by commission paid by insurers and/or brokerage fees paid by you. Details of commission received from insurers are available on request. The commission is deemed earned at the placement of cover.

Brokerage fees are charged as a fixed fee or percentage of the insurance premium and Government levies as follows:

  • Personal Insurance: up to a max of 30%, subject to a minimum of €50
  • Commercial Insurance: up to a max of 25%, subject to a minimum of €100
  • Mid-Term Alterations: up to a max of 25% subject to a minimum of €25 on Personal Insurance and €100 on Commercial Insurance
  • In the event of cancellation or rebate a brokerage fee may be levied subject to a maximum of 15%.
  • The amount of any commission received by the Company from insurers will not be deducted from the brokerage fee payable by you.

Advice without placement of a contract is chargeable on a time disbursements basis:

  • Directors/Senior Personnel: €200 per hour.
  • Account Executives/Consultants: €150 per hour.

Our policy set up charge is non-refundable.

If you require credit terms, we may be able to arrange premium finance, in which case you will be entering into a separate credit agreement with a premium financing provider. In respect of arranging insurance premium finance on your behalf, a commission payment of up to 2% is charged.

Any charges due to us under the section above may be deducted from any rebate due to you prior to it being issued – this will be agreed with you in writing in each instance.